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Kathleen Armor


      My approach to stone carving is based upon the pursuit of a sense of harmony between the natural  characteristics and beauty of the stone and the ways that I alter it. I choose to seek out the essence of a shape that is contained within the stone instead of forcing my vision onto it.

       While working with a piece of stone I often reflect upon the fact that I am putting my hand to a material that is hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of years old. Cracks, deposits, layers and evidence of climactic change are contained within the stone. They are evidence of where the stone has come from and what it has experienced and seen. Sometimes the additional minerals, the strata, or even fossils add to the inherent beauty of the stone and give further testimony of its past.

       Many artists feel that the process of creating art releases memories, both conscious and sub-conscious. These past experiences take on new forms and meanings as they are expressed in our mediums of choice. If this is true, then my work is about memories………. both mine and the stone's!

        To see more examples of my work or to contact me, please visit my website at www.armorsculpture.com

Translucent Alabaster