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March 2 - 29

The First Open Show of 2013:


It's been a long, hard winter but relief is close at hand! DeBlois Gallery once again marks the beginning of its new exhibition season by hosting its annual Open Show. This year's event, entitled "The Seven Deadly Sins", puts some sizzle into your Spring! For many years, artists and art lovers throughout the state and nearby Massachusetts have enthusiastically anticipated this annual event. Participating artists have enjoyed this opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and talent through both their interpretations of the theme and through the execution of their works.

The DeBlois Gallery proudly announces the winners of prizes and certificates of merit that have been awarded to participants in its Open Show. These winners were chosen from the more than 118 entries that comprise the exhibit. The winners are:

Felissimo! (Best of Show):
Linda Dempsey, "Lust", mixed media.

Bravo! Best in Show 2-D:
Martha Antaya and Don Betts, "Pure of Heart", mixed media.

Bravo! Best in Show 3-D:
Bill Shockley, "My Vanity", bronze

1st Place Photography:
Bonnie Jaffe, "New York Moment"

2nd Place Photography:
Marc Jaffe, "American Diner"

Best Wit:
Eloise Held, "You're Fired", photograph with acrylic

Best Exemplar of Theme (Most Sinful):
Claire Bowen, "Special Sauce", mixed media

Honorable Mention:
Jillian Barber, "Hog Heaven", mixed media

Honorable Mention:
Judi Israel, "Green Eyed Monster", clay

Honorable Mention:
Edwin Roche, "Envy", oil.

Felissimo! Dempsey, "Lust"
Felissimo! (Best of Show)
Linda Dempsey
"Lust", mixed media

Bravo! Shockley, "My Vanity"
Bravo! Best in Show 3-D
Bill Shockley
"My Vanity", bronze

Bravo! Best 2d, Antaya/Betts, "Pure of Heart"
Bravo! Best in Show 2-D
Martha Antaya and Don Betts
"Pure of Heart", mixed media
1st Place Photo, B. Jaffe, "New York Moment"
1st Place Photography
Bonnie Jaffe
"New York Moment"

2nd Place Photo, M. Jaffe, "American Diner"
2nd Place Photography
Marc Jaffe
"American Diner"
Most Sinful, Bowen, "Secret Sauce"
Best Exemplar of Theme (Most Sinful)
Claire Bowen
"Special Sauce", mixed media

Best Wit, Held, "You're Fired!"
Best Wit
Eloise Held
"You're Fired", photograph with acrylic

Hon. Mention, Roche, "Envy"
Honorable Mention
Edwin Roche
"Envy", oil

Hon. Mention, Barber, "Hog Heaven"
Honorable Mention
Jillian Barber
"Hog Heaven", mixed media

Hon. Mention, Israel, "Green Eyed Monster"
Honorable Mention
Judi Israel
"Green Eyed Monster", clay