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October 5th to 27th, 2013

For over 29 years, DeBlois Gallery has encouraged innovation and artistic growth from both guest artists and its artist members alike. During the month of October 2013, DeBlois exhibited the work of three of its artist members, Kathleen Armor (Sculpture), Kathleen Morton (Mixed Media) and Felicia Touhey (Monoprints), who have each benefited from the gallery's nurturing approach. Throughout their years as members of DeBlois, each woman has explored various mediums and has continued to develop artistically as a result of her own experimentation as well as through formal instruction. This exhibit offers the viewer an opportunity to share three paths as each woman continues on her artistic journey.

Kathleen Armor

As an artist, Kathleen Armor is best known as a stone sculptor. Since this craft is a physically demanding and time-consuming process, she continues to explore a variety of other mediums as an outlet for her creative energy. However, she always seems to return to stone-carving because, for her, it is a “medium like no other.” Her work for this exhibit includes some stylized female forms, but it also has begun to move in another direction. As she explains, "The stone carving process is very meditative - it offers me ample opportunity to reflect. Lately, I've spent a good amount of time thinking about the importance of life's choices and the way that the 'path not chosen' can have a profound impact on a life's direction. Transferred to my sculpture, I've become increasingly concerned with the 'negative space' within a piece or between pieces that may be paired together. In several of my pieces, this means that the places where the stone 'isn't' has become just as important as where it 'is'.”

Kathleen Morton

Kathleen Morton's interest in the visual arts is a primary source of enjoyment and satisfaction for her. She began her formal pursuit of the arts, after retiring from a successful career in business, with her study of a wide variety of mediums. The mixed-media works that she exhibits at DeBlois are the culmination of many of the skills and techniques that she has studied up to this point. When discussing this new body of work, Morton explains: "My interest in collage and water based mediums has developed over the past 2 or 3 years. In attending several workshops, I learned techniques which increased my interest in more layering and color. I start without an image in mind and use shapes to develop the composition. Usually working on more than one piece at a time, each painting develops as I work through the creative process. This new freedom seems to give the finished art a greater sense of movement and excitement."

Felicia Touhey

Trees 2013 #16

Felicia Touhey is a widely-exhibited, award-winning artist. She and Kathleen Morton are studio mates at Beach Studios which is next to DeBlois Gallery's new location on Aquidneck Avenue. She also offers classes in drawing, printmaking and encaustics at this location. As with the other two exhibiting artists, Touhey's development as an artist and teacher has led her to experiment with a wide variety of mediums and approaches. However, her passion for printmaking runs deeply. In reflecting on her experiences with the medium, she states: "Materials, process and manipulation. These three elements are the foundation of my work as an encaustic painter and printmaker. I became aware of these interrelated forces when I discovered printmaking in college. The rich black lines, textures and tactile responses of the printmaking process inspired me. I found that I could experiment, play with materials, and challenge myself in ways that other art mediums did not offer me." For the DeBlois exhibit, Touhey will exhibit a series of monoprints entitled "Trees - 2013". As she explains, "This series of prints is created from a collagraph plate and stencils. They recreate observed impressions seen through a grove of birch trees throughout the course of a year. I work in small series in which I explore an idea or a particular visual image. I am inspired by nature and the lines, shapes and atmospheric changes in light and color that it reveals."

Trees 2013 #3

Trees 2013 #7 - Winter Blues